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We strive to provide correct and timely information about ETIAS, the European Travel Information and Authorisation System as it applies to UK citizens travelling to Germany.

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If you are from a nation that qualifies, such as the United Kingdom, the implementation of ETIAS Germany will represent a big change in how you plan to travel to Europe. Citizens of the United Kingdom who wish to travel to Germany should be advised that, beginning in 2025, it will be necessary to arrange ETIAS authorization before your trip –preferably at least 96 hours prior to departure. We’ve established this website as a one-stop source of ETIAS information to help make the process as easy as possible. The ETIAS application procedure, we believe, does not have to be difficult. Anyone who is familiar with similar electronic travel systems used around the world, such as the US ESTA system or Canadian eTA scheme, may find ETIAS to be less intimidating than it might otherwise be as it is a very similar process.It will be a simple online application that should take less than 20 minutes and other than asking some simple questions it will only demand a small cost, some security information, and a valid biometric passport. Once ETIAS clearance is granted it will not be necessary to re-apply every time you travel to Europe as the approval will remain valid for a full three years from the date it is granted (unless the linked passport expires within that time). Our goal is to answer any queries people may have about ETIAS and to clarify the ETIAS application process in simple language. We will also go through the history about ETIAS, including why it exists and what information it requires, as well as details about the application

procedure and what to expect with the approval process.Since the founding of ETIAS, we have been a dependable source of information, and we work hard to guarantee that travelers who rely on us are well informed and fully prepared for their trip. Because ETIAS is not yet in its final stages, some details such as notable dates are still subject to change. For example, the exact date that ETIAS will go live has yet to be determined, but we do know that it will be in 2025. Other information, such as the list of ETIAS qualifying countries and Schengen zone countries is constantly changing or being finalized. Countries may leave or join either list at any time, thus the lists will likely alter over time. We are dedicated to keeping people up to date on any new ETIAS information as soon as it becomes available. Please note, we are a non-profit organisation, not associated with the government or the European Union. Certain information is still in the process of being confirmed as ETIAS is not yet finalised, so we strive to ensure readers are supplied with the latest information when it goes live. Our aim is to help people feel confident and excited when planning their trip, by making the transition to ETIAS as clear and simple as possible.

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Yes, UK citizens will need to apply for ETIAS in order to go to Germany or any other European country that is part of the Schengen zone. The UK is one of the countries that has a visa-free agreement with the European Union, making its nationals eligible for ETIAS. Before travelling to Germany or any other Schengen zone nation, British citizens will be expected to complete an online ETIAS application form and be approved once ETIAS goes live in 2025. If you are not a British citizen and are going through the UK on your way to Germany, you may not need ETIAS. Your eligibility for ETIAS is determined by your country of origin and visa status within the Schengen zone. ETIAS will be open to any country with visa-free status, and its people will be required to apply

Yes, British nationals will have to apply for ETIAS when it becomes mandatory in 2025, as they are no longer members of the EU so will not be exempt from ETIAS. In 2025 and beyond, when the new ETIAS visa waiver system replaces the existing system for all travel, UK citizens will be eligible to apply for ETIAS. There will be a grace period of approximately six months to allow travellers and border officials to acclimatise to the new process. However, it’s best to complete the application form ahead of time,even during the grace period –ideally at least 96 hours before your departure.

The ETIAS application is relatively straightforward. Citizens of the United Kingdom will be asked to complete an online application that should take no more than 20 minutes. The application asks for basic personal information as well as a series of security questions, and the applicant must provide a biometric passport that remains valid for a minimum of three months after the scheduled arrival in the destination country. ETIAS clearance will be delivered via email and will be valid for three years or until the associated passport expires, whichever comes first.

The ETIAS application will become available during 2025, although the exact date is yet to be disclosed, and there will be a six-month transition period to allow travellers and border officials to adjust to the new system. After the end of the grace period, ETIAS will become mandatory for all eligible travellers.