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If you had only one day to visit Germany, where would you go?

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One-day trip to Berlin

You should spend at least one day in Berlin if you are only able to travel to Germany once. It is the capital of the country and is known for its vibrant and dynamic city life.
Berlin is also a top European cultural destination. It has many excellent museums and art galleries that are waiting to be discovered. Museum Island is a great place to start your explorations.
After these attractions close, there are many fun things you can do after dark. You could enjoy concerts by the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra or even Berlin Opera performances. Or simply walk the endlessly-interesting streets and boulevards of the Mitte district. Here, you’ll see famous landmarks like the Brandenburg Gate.
Charlottenburg is another area you should explore. It’s a quieter area than the bustling Mitte, but it is home to many beautiful parks and gardens, including the Zoological Garden.

One-day trip to Munich

Bavaria’s capital and one of Germany’s most popular cities, Munich owes a lot of its popularity as a tourist destination to its location at the edge of the Bavarian Alps. Munich is not the oldest city in Germany, but its roots can be traced back to a settlement of monks before its official founding in 1158. Munich played an important role in shaping Germany’s cultural landscape and political makeup.
Rapid growth made the city an important center for trade and arts, as well as a religious hub. Visitors can’t miss the many churches that remain in the city, such as Peterskirche which was built in the 1300s. The iconic cathedral, the Frauenkirche, is also a landmark building.
Munich’s historic center is another reason it has been named one of Germany’s top tourist destinations. It is a joy to walk around this city, especially the large square called the Marienplatz. You can see beautiful old architecture, dating back to medieval times.
You should also make sure to visit the pedestrian areas along the River Isar’s banks, as well the many parks and green spaces that the city is known for. The most well-known of these is the Englischer Garten (or English Garden), the largest urban public park. This is just one of many top attractions, museums and galleries that Munich has to offer. It’s clear why Munich deserves at least a full day.

One-day trip to Dresden

This city is ideal for architecture lovers. It is located close to the Czech border, and boasts a remarkable number of architectural marvels that are unrivalled anywhere else in the world.
There are many unique structures you can see. Most people won’t miss the Dresden Zwinger (a Baroque palace) or the Schlosserland Sachen (a Renaissance palace with the largest Porcelain mural in the world).
You might prefer modern structures. Visit the Kunsthofpassage for the unique buildings Dresen is known for. One of them features singing drainpipes that you won’t want miss on a rainy day.
Another great activity in Dresden is to cruise the Elbe River. This gives you great views of Dresden’s modern and baroque architecture.

One-day trip to Frankfurt

Frankfurt is best known for being the financial capital of the Eurozone and the home of the European Central Bank. However, Frankfurt has WAY more to it than just a concrete jungle.
The area is also very tourist-friendly and offers many attractions. You’ll find the Frankfurt Museum Embankment, a riverside area that houses more than a dozen museums including the fantastic Stadel Museum.
The Old Town Hall and Main Tower observation deck are just a few of the other sights worth mentioning.
Modern marvels are not uncommon in Frankfurt. It is one of Germany’s most important business districts. The financial district has enough skyscrapers that it has earned the nickname “Mainhattan”. Meanwhile, the city’s ultra-modern convention centers have made it the home to huge international trade shows like the Frankfurt Book Fair.
You can’t go wrong with the most spectacular skyline in Germany!

One-day trip to Hamburg

Hamburg is a great place to enjoy the warm hospitality of Germany’s northernmost population. The second-largest city in the country is located on the River Elbe estuary, just a few minutes from the North Sea. This location has made Hamburg the country’s most significant port.
Shipping routes from all across the globe end up here. They also connect to important inland waterways. You can visit any day of the week, day or night, and see a constant stream of vessels of all sizes arriving and departing. There are also increasing numbers of cruise ships dropping off sightseers to discover this dynamic, modern city.
You’ll want to explore the enormous Port of Hamburg. This area covers 100 kilometers and is known for its preserved Warehouse District. These warehouses, which were once storage spaces, now house everything, from concerts and entertainment venues to shops, restaurants, and art galleries, as well museums and art galleries, such as the International Maritime Museum or the nearby historic sailing boats. You can also take a harbor tour to see the port from the water.
It is a must to wander the city centre, especially if your route takes you along the Deichstrasse with its unique architecture and old townhomes. You’ll find beautiful old canals running to and from the harbour area. They are connected by a network of beautiful bridges.